How to develop the machinery industry under the impact of the Internet?

As a traditional real economy, the machinery industry has a history of more than 100 years and has always occupied an important position in the development process. It can be said that our high-speed railway, domestic large aircraft, satellites, rockets and so on have deep roots with the machinery industry. The Internet has developed from the beginning of the 21st century and has rapidly covered people's eyes in recent years. It can be seen from some data that many mechanical students have been more or less affected by the invasion of the Internet tide and switched to the Internet industry. So, what has our machinery industry experienced under this impact and what is the current development direction?

At present, many people who devote themselves to the Internet industry often see the high returns. There will be a big difference in salary between an ordinary Internet practitioner and an ordinary machinery practitioner. In the machinery industry, only the material cost often needs to occupy half of the total product price, that is, your product cost is very high, which leads to the phenomenon of low profit sharing and low salary of employees. In contrast, most of the costs of software development and game development on the Internet focus on publicity, and manpower, and the material cost is very low, which leads to high operating profits, and the treatment of employees will naturally be much better.

Although the profits of the machinery industry are low, the main reason to curb the rise of profits is the lack of technical level. In some aspects, our technology may not be as good as that of foreign countries. Under the influence of globalization, there is naturally no price advantage, which can only reduce prices and shorten profits. However, as mentioned at the beginning, our high-speed rail and our large aircraft have made breakthroughs, and we have occupied certain advantages in key areas. Driven by "made in China 2025", the development of our machinery industry has also ushered in opportunities. Back to profit, we need to recognize that machinery practitioners and Internet practitioners are hard workers in essence, and our remuneration is measured according to our ability and contribution. If you do well in an industry, the treatment will naturally improve a lot. There is no industry that doesn't make money, only people who don't work hard.

Then let's talk about the impact of the Internet on the machinery industry. Nowadays, the Internet has penetrated into all walks of life, which has also played a certain role in promoting the development of our machinery industry. In terms of technology, the application of various computer software has greatly optimized our mechanical design process, improved the efficiency and quality of design, and the application of simulation has greatly reduced the cost. Now the typical robot is the perfect combination of machinery and computer Internet. It can be said that the Internet has brought intelligence and future development direction to our machinery industry. Traditional mechanical equipment is being replaced by more and more intelligent automation equipment. In the future, any single industry can not exist independently. It is often the intersection of multiple industries and win-win cooperation.

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Therefore, under the impact of the Internet, the machinery industry is facing a new situation that has to be innovated, which is both a challenge and an opportunity. Our traditional real economy is the foundation. If we want to achieve rapid development on the basis, we must learn to use advanced technology to transform it. Only in this way will our future be better and better.

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